If the world can’t come to Albany, why don’t we take Albany to the world?

A TEDx licence has now been secured for Albany, meaning the city will host a conference on 29 January, 2022. The event will be named in the Noongar tradition in recognition of the area’s indigenous heritage.

The TEDxKinjarling event now has the backing of a diverse and experienced voluntary committee, all of them keen to present world-class thought leadership from the Great Southern of Western Australia to the world. Interest has already been expressed in presenting at the event but a strict criteria must be met to ensure the event remains non-commercial in nature.

For more information on how to become a TEDxKinjarling speaker, email tedxkinjarling@gmail.com or follow us on social media via the links below.

  • We spread fresh ideas that are relevant, ethical, thought-provoking and potentially transformative for our community.
  • Our outlook is local, national and global. We want to propagate the best ideas for our community from wherever, or whomever they arise.
  • We actively invite young people to participate as speakers, filmmakers, performers, audiences and organisers. All are involved, heard, valued and empowered.
  • Our TEDx talks are made available online, for free.
  • We are values and volunteer-driven. TEDxKinjarling is not for profit.
  • TEDxKinjarling is an inclusive event. We strive to represent fresh and challenging ideas while maintaining respect and embracing diversity.
  • We welcome emerging leaders within the community and offer speaker coaching to assist in the most effective possible delivery of your message.